Our Civil War display is filled with unique and hard to find relics.

One of our dealers is specialized in Asian art and fine antiques. 

Holocaust related bronze sequence. SOLD

Special Treasures Available in Our Store

This antique, real human skull was used at a Dental school for anatomy studies. SOLD

​Plenty for any taste and interest to choose from. 

This cannibal skull, purchased after a museum closing by the previous owner, belonged to a Mentawai tribe's woman. These skulls were kept as a memory of the deceased (they didn't have photography), so that it could be consulted for wisdom. The skulls were also used as pillows. The item SOLD.

Our extraordinary collection of original and early Highwaymen paintings, consists at this moment of 9 pieces. This includes a set of 2 paintings from Mary Ann Carroll, that are published in her book, as well as paintings from Alfred Hair, Harold Newton and others.

All paintings SOLD

Please enjoy a quick walk through, exhibiting some of our fine collections. 

​We will be updating this slideshow frequently for your convenience.

In addition to the showroom, there are many more goodies stored away on the property. 


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